Support from EPS for students

EPS Grants' Committee has granted our conference three EPS Europhysics conference grants of 350 EURO each, which allows us to exempt three young researchers - participants of the conference from the registration fee.

If you are a student, a PhD student or you did not receive your PhD more than 6 years prior to the conference, and you are willing to present your research at the CCP2013 conference, then you are eligible for the EPS Europhysics Conference Grant which can be spent in order to exempt you from the registration fee.

In this case, please, send the abstract of your presentation and the recommendation letter, which would characterize your research, to ccp2013 @ with the subject of the e-mail "Student Abstract Contest" not later than July 21th. The CCP2013 Organizing Committee will choose three student presentations and will inform the three EPS Europhysics conference grant recipients not later than July 25th. Each of the grant recipients will be exempt from the registration fee.