Education on Computational Physics & rel. topics

The section "Education on Computational Physics & rel. topics" will be concentrated on the number of actual questions and items which sounds like that:

- Should Computational Physics Become Part of the Standard Physics

- What Computational Subjects Should Undergraduate and Graduate
Physicists Know?

- Are Physics Students Getting an Adequate Education in Computation?

- The Place of e-TextBooks in Physics and Computational Physics Education.

- Computational Resources Available for Physics Research and Education.

- What Computational Physics Examples Should be taught in Physics Classes?

- Is Computational Physics Part of the Computational Science Community?

- How to Bridge the Gap between the Physics Research and Education Communities?

- Is Computational Knowledge as Important as Mathematical Knowledge for a Physicist?

- Physics Subjects that Require Computation to be taught Well.

- How Public Domain Software can embed in the education process?

- How to teach specific algorithms or topics?